African Talisay

African Talisay

African Talisay is an integral part of African cultural heritage. Talisay is a plaited basket made with callous strips of palm leaves (which are slender and bendable and have a yellowish color). They are used in many different applications. African Talisay (Talisia africana) Talisay is a tropical hardwood tree indigenous to Africa, Madagascar, and Asia. … Read more

How To Grow Green Chillies at Home In Just 90 Days

How to Grow Green Chillies at Home

Green chillies are very popular in every restaurant and at home. It is also known as malabar, birdeye or cili padi. Green chilli is not a spice but an essential ingredient in making curry, curry leaves, etc. Chilli products are used in cooking applications like salad dressing, sauces, and many more… Information on how to … Read more

How To Grow Lettuce At Home: Types & Benefits

How To Grow Lettuce At Home

Lettuce is one of the most popular vegetables used in all kinds of cuisine. Whether you add it to a sandwich or use it as a wrap for your favorite burrito, lettuce is a versatile and healthy vegetable that just about everyone enjoys. But some people live in areas where they don’t have easy access … Read more

All About Peacock Aglaonema

All About Peacock Aglaonema

The rare Peacock Aglaonema is a great houseplant with wide, glossy leaves that are rich emerald-green. It is a very decorative and long-lasting floor plant that also works well around desks and tabletops. The Peacock Aglaonema is a highly sought-after houseplant, but with so many other plants to choose from it is easily missed. This … Read more

All About: Red Aglaonema

Red Aglaonema

Have you ever wondered about red aglaonema? These lovely house plants are beautifully recognizable for their dark red leaves?In this article, we have prepared for you all about Red Aglaonema. Red Aglaonema is a popular flowering indoor plant that you can easily grow indoors, in the garden, and in a container. What is Red Aglaonema … Read more

Beginners Tips On How To Grow Chilli Plant At Home

Grow Chilli Plant At Home

The chilli plant is a small perennial shrub with purple petals and thorns. It belongs to the Solanaceae family and is native to tropical regions of South and Central America. Chili is a significant crop as it is used in several medicines, cooking, and also as ornamental plant. Pepper is the most cultivated plant in … Read more

15 Orange Indoor Plants and Care

Orange Indoor Plant

The Orange Indoor Plant is a beautiful foliage plant. It has ruffled, light green leaves with orange streaks toward the bottom of each leaf. It requires little care, making it great for beginner gardeners.This plant grows in low to medium light areas and can be used as a houseplant or an outdoor patio planter. Different … Read more

Green Indoor Plant

Green Indoor Plant

The Indoor plant is a native of Indonesia. You might wonder what this plant can do for you. The InIndoorlant has several advantages s, such as growing in poor soil and easing identification. Its luxuriant foliage and flowers make it distinguish from other shrubs quite striking indeed. The InIndoorlant has nearly sixty species, the most … Read more

How To Grow Eucalyptus Indoors In A Pot

How To Grow Eucalyptus Indoors

Eucalyptus grows very large and quickly. However, most people don’t realize you can grow Eucalyptus indoors. Let me tell you how to grow eucalyptus indoors for a quick indoor office fix of fresh air. Eucalyptus The plant genus Eucalyptus has over 700 species, most of which are evergreen trees or shrubs. Eucalyptus is indigenous to … Read more