How to Grow Clove Plant at Home

Cloves are spices which are used for a range of applications such as making culinary dishes taste better. Also, medicinal and other uses of this spice can be seen in various indigenous cultures around the world. Because of diverse usefulness and its unique smell, clove is considered one of the best spices to grow at … Read more

How to Grow Arrowhead Plant in Water

How to Grow Arrowhead Plant in Water

I’ll be talking about How to grow arrowhead plants in Water. Suppose you find it impossible to grow arrowhead from seed. In that case, you can still take advantage of the arrowhead plant’s beautiful foliage and add it to your existing plantings for visual interest. Arrowhead is a cool-season perennial aquatic plant that does well … Read more

How to Grow Monstera in Water

How to Grow Monstera in Water

Monstera deliciosa, also known as the Swiss Cheese Plant, Albata, or Macadamia Nut Tree, is a great addition to any house or garden that needs an exotic touch. When you have Monstera deliciosa growing in your home or office, you’re bound to have an eye-catching conversation starter on hand whenever people visit you. You’ll need … Read more

How to Grow Peace Lily in Water: Steps and Care

How to Grow Peace Lily in water: Steps and Care

Have you ever wanted a unique decor or centerpiece to add to your home? Sometimes, you might find the answer in your backyard. You can grow peace lily in water, which is straightforward. The peace lily has leaves with a matte finish that is dark green. They also have some yellow undertones. This plant will … Read more

Types of Fertilizer: How Works?

Types of Fertilizer

Fertilizer is one of the most important things you can use to improve the growth of your plants. The problem is that there are so many different types. That makes sense since plants aren’t exactly all the same. Well, in this article I’ll teach you about some of the most popular types and what makes … Read more

How to Grow Bitter Gourd: Types, Benefits & Care

how to grow bitter gourd

Growing bitter gourd is an exciting home gardening activity that we can all do without much effort. This small vegetable, which is considerably grown in the west of Asia and Africa, is somewhat of a bitter veggie which you must be careful about and also make sure to handle with care. Bitter gourd is one … Read more

50 Common Garden Weeds & Their Control

Common Garden weeds

Weeds. Ugh!! They’re the bane of any gardener’s existence. You spend hours, days, or weeks nurturing your plants and tending to your garden, only for weeds to show up and ruin everything. There are a lot of weeds in your garden that you might not know the name of. I have collected them here, so … Read more

How To Grow French Beans: at Home

How to Grow French Beans at Home

French beans are a delicious vegetable with an exotic but subtle taste. If you don’t have enough space for these plants, you can also grow them indoors in pots. But don’t let their small size fool you because French beans can pack a significant punch in flavor and nutrition. So, if you are looking for … Read more